THTBC Flu Vaccination Campaign

Flu Season is coming!

THTBC is launching its Flu Vaccination Campaign to help employees protect themselves against the flu.

With over 200,000 Americans hospitalized for flu-related complications each year, you don’t want to risk falling ill with the flu. The flu can be more serious than you might think – and it can affect you even if you’re healthy. Luckily, you can significantly reduce your risk of the flu by receiving your annual flu shot.

Did you know that flu shots are covered under the Preventative Care services and are covered at $0 under your UHC plan?

All employees who receive health insurance through THTBC, or are covered on their own individual  or their spouse’s coverage can get a free flu shot:

  • At your location – Onsite flu clinics will be held at locations where we have more than 25 employees. Please see attached schedule for different locations and show up with your insurance card.
  • At a participating pharmacy – All employees and their dependents covered under the UHC plans (or Cigna if you work at the Kennedy Space Center Location) can receive a flu shot free of charge at  participating pharmacies.  To check for participating pharmacies near you please go to and enter your zip code using the location tool. Attached is a list of pharmacies near THTBC offices. Remember to take your insurance card to the pharmacy.
  • At your in-network Primary Care Physician – All employees and their dependents covered under the UHC plans can receive free flu shots at their physicians office. To find a physician covered by your insurance, visit If you are covered under the Cigna plan, go to then click on ‘find a doctor’

Along with receiving your annual flu shot, you should also take everyday precautions to help prevent the spread of the flu virus around the office. According to the CDC, during the flu season you should avoid close contact with sick people, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and wash your hands often with soap and water.

If you have any questions regarding the onsite flu clinics or pharmacy locations, don’t hesitate to ask! Send your questions to  Let’s all do our part to reduce the risk of illness this flu season

Flu Shot For Remote Locations

Flu Shot Flyer

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