Department of Defense Base Operation Services (BOS)

Base Operation Services (BOS) has been one of the primary focuses of KIRA, we provide complete facilities maintenance for Base Operations Support to U.S. Military Facilities around the World. We support virtually every category of base operations and logistic functions. Our operations typically cover tens of thousands of acres and the management of hundreds of employees. KIRA has proven expertise:

  • Being the Government’s Best low-cost service provider
  • Partnering with smaller or larger firms to provide complete support to government clients
  • Using cutting edge technology to track deliverables while reducing man-hours and costs

KIRA offers support services, labor, supervision, management, tools, materials, equipment, facilities, transportation, incidental engineering and other support services where needed. includes everything We provide management and administration; public safety; port operations; supply material management; range support; facility management; engineering support; facility services; waste management; electrical;  vehicle management and maintenance; safety programs and environmental services.

U.S.  Military Campuses and Training Centers

The Cadet Chapel at U.S. Air Force Academy

Part of the reputation and allure of a university is the beauty of its campus.  Maintaining a college campus that consists of tens of thousands of acres, high-traffic student housing, complex HVAC, heating plants, power systems, and miles of walkways and interior roads provides a significant challenge to even the most experienced contractor.


KIRA provides award-winning landscaping, maintenance, civil engineering, and other mission essential support services.

As one example, KIRA, LLC performed as a 40% partner on the joint venture that performed the $156M civil engineering and cadet support services contract at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA).  KIRA LLC has a sister company KIRA Training Services; LLC dba KIRA Facilities Services was awarded late in 2018 the USAFA Civil Engineering Base Maintenance Support contract. The team is currently working to phase in this complex contract to ensure USAFA receives the same high level of service the government has come to expect from KIRA, LLC and its sister subsidiary companies. This most recent award continues KIRA’s legacy serving USAFA continuously since 2007. Specific tasks:

  • Maintenance and repair of facilities totaling 8.6 million square feet
  • Disaster preparedness and environmental support
  • Managing and repairing all infrastructure
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Maintenance of appx.  200 miles of paved and unpaved roads
  • Water distribution
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Storm drainage
  • Natural gas distribution
  • Non-potable water systems
  • Three 5,000 linear foot runway

Facilities Management and Maintenance

Outsourcing facilities maintenance is a one of the easiest ways to reduce internal operating costs and save money.



KIRA is a full-service facility maintenance company that provides national service of comprehensive facility maintenance solutions. KIRA’s strength is in providing outstanding service at the lowest possible cost, which we do by employing:

  • Cost-saving innovations
  • Using proven contractors
  • Careful tracking of hours and efficient internal tracking of job progress

Our exceptional quality and award-winning workmanship comes from using a network of pre-certified, carefully screened contractors.  With over 30 years of experience, our staff is keenly aware of the unique challenges and operating issues associated with servicing very large projects, ones that might cover tens of thousands of acres and involve the management of hundreds of people.

KIRA strengths in facilities maintenance include:

  • A track record of being consistently on-time and on-budget
  • Being a trusted partner and advisor in corporate partnerships
  • Efficient, thorough, and cost-effective management of even the largest projects
  • Expert human resource management
  • Innovative technologies
  • Nearly unlimited range of facility management resources
  • Program management skills to ensure mission success
  • Proven, real-time tracking systems for accountability

KIRA understands the financial pressures, quality control challenges, and management difficulties in trying to maintain facility maintenance for large, private enterprises.  Our extensive experience in operating very large contracts under tight budgetary and time constraints makes us an ideal partner for private industries looking to outsource their facilities maintenance.

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