Tribal Enterprise Acquires Federal Government Contracting Company

The Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation (THTBC) has completed the acquisition of federal government contractor KIRA, Incorporated. Included in the acquisition are two additional smaller companies, intellectual property, trademarks, and other assets. KIRA is an accomplished and profitable facilities maintenance and base operations support services contractor with over 30 years of quality service at extremely competitive prices and excellent customer satisfaction. The award winning government contracting company is more valuable under tribal ownership pursuing awards for small business and “set‐aside” contracts.

“I am excited about this acquisition and its tremendous upside potential for the Tribe. Overnight THTBC has become a major force in government contracting,” said Central Council President Richard Peterson. “KIRA is the vehicle the Tribe needs to generate unrestricted revenue to eventually give us the ability to expand services to our tribal citizens regardless of service area.”

THTBC CEO Richard Rinehart will oversee the investment in KIRA. “The board wanted a company with a national presence that can grow significantly in a relatively short period of time,” said Rinehart. “KIRA has a reputation of offering extraordinary value to its customers. The company is the low cost producer in each of the markets in which it competes. We encourage governmental organizations as well as Federal Prime Contractors interested in seeing how KIRA can save them money to contact KIRA directly at or by calling (303) 402‐1526.”

KIRA was founded by Carlos Garcia in 1987. Garcia will remain with KIRA as president along with the company’s management team. “I am excited to become part of the THTBC enterprise. This transaction will allow KIRA to jump start its growth by taking advantage of the preferences tribes enjoy under federal government contracting law. We will now be able to bid thousands of small business set aside contracts, pursue sole source work, and become part of larger companies’ small business subcontracting plans. This transaction is a true win‐win for both buyer and seller.” As a condition of the sale, no jobs will be eliminated. To the contrary, the company will be adding positions.  There will be new opportunities for current employees to grow with the company.  D.A. Davidson & Company served as the exclusive financial advisor to KIRA in this transaction.

THTBC was organized, incorporated, and chartered by the Executive Council to promote economic development and generate unrestricted revenue for the Tribe. The THTBC board of directors include, Richard Peterson, William Micklin,  Leilani Wilson Walkush and Michael Roberts.
THTBC is a wholly owned business enterprise of Central Council Tlingit Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska whose mission is to engage in, carry on and conduct business to improve the economic condition of the Tribe.