T&H Services, LLC Acquires Executive Green Clean

On August 15, 2014, Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation (THTBC) subsidiary T&H Services, LLC officially acquired Executive Green Clean, a janitorial and maintenance division of Sage Environmental Services, Inc. (Sage). Acquisition of the janitorial and maintenance service included approximately 100 cleaning contracts and all employees in Washington. “We received four aggressive offers, but price was not a decisive criteria for selection,” said Sage President Julie Pond. “Most individuals and companies did not pass our first integrity test, but THTBC passed all four integrity tests without knowledge by whom or how they were being tested.”

Green cleaning and building top notch business teams are a key part of THTBC’s strategic plan.  “Executive Green Clean is a perfect fit for our company,” said THTBC Chief Executive Officer Richard Rinehart. “They have established themselves as a leader in the market of green cleaning
and take good care of their people, which is important to us.”

T&H Services’ goal is to provide high quality services to professional offices, industry and government facilities, and create award winning workspaces for every business and institution served with high standards for reliable quality yet affordable solutions. With Executive Green Clean’s experience in the green cleaning business market and qualified staff, T&H Services saw a solid foundation to establish and expand its business services in Seattle and Juneau. T&H Services General Manager Robert Hamilton said, “Our due diligence found solid monthly revenue in line with our strategic plan and I look forward to integrating Executive Green Clean’s management team.”

Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (Central Council) President and THTBC Chairman Richard Peterson said, “Executive Green Clean’s established clients and contracts will ensure T&H Services meets its revenue targets as presented to the Tribe’s governing body in April. This acquisition is a huge accomplishment as we continue to pursue economic
independence, stability, and growth for the Tribe.”
T&H Services is wholly owned by Central Council’s business enterprise THTBC whose mission is to engage in, carry on and conduct business to improve the economic condition of the Tribe.

Richard Rinehart, THTBC CEO
907.209.9094 | rrinehart@thtbc.com
Website: www.thservicesllc.com