About KIRA

KIRA’s mission is to provide the best facility maintenance services for government and private industries at the lowest cost.


KIRA performs facilities maintenance and construction services under large multi-year contracts. The company has over 1,000 employees and operates throughout the United States and overseas. In the past three years KIRA has been awarded over $400 million in new business. By having a single industry focus, KIRA has developed a business model that achieves significant cost saving for its customers. KIRA award fee scores from customers are among the highest in the industry. The company has grown quickly, and anticipates this growth to accelerate as a result of increased funding for facilities maintenance, energy efficiency projects, and renovation construction.

KIRA is a global company that has operations in dozens of locations worldwide. Investing in both innovation and technology has made KIRA the low-cost leader in facilities maintenance. KIRA is able to be the low-cost provider because we have found ways to bring innovation and inspired management into an industry that is often running on outdated technologies and management philosophies.